The Dango Loop Hook and Wall Mount is a functional and modular hook system that adapts to all lifestyles. The Loop Hook can convert from a stationary houseware to a utility grapple that will hang on most ledges, rails and branches to keep your everyday carries off the ground and always in sight. In addition to being an accessory to your backpacks, bags, and garments, this product is also a key chain, bottle opener and essentially a tool that surprises you by giving you new ways of connecting to the hook.

Installation is easily handled by choosing the right screw with the right wall or door. The hardware kit comes with two wood screws, which we recommend that you find a stud and not just dry wall. If you are to use dry wall, please use a plastic anchor to secure the screws tightly. On doors, be sure to use screws that are not too long, short screws work just fine. If you have a concrete wall, please use galvanized screws and or lead anchors. Be very mindful of your home, and use the proper hardware to synch up product to home.


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